All the products of the shop La Medusa   are handmade in our

own workshop in Bolsena, Italy.

With our art craft we want to create an aesthetic atmosphere, which is

continuously disappearing due to the present fast moving market demands.



Terracotta and Ceramic

The most items offered by La Medusa  are made of terracotta and

ceramic, realized in the workshop of La Medusa  and designed by

Giuseppe Utano, a Sicilian potter and sculptor, who has lived for many

years in Bolsena. The richness of this area is due to the Etruscan and Greek

classic influences. His passion for the historic past together with his imagination

are able to give every object an individual character and at the same time to

bring alive an antique spirit.


Giuseppe Utano was born in Messina and studied sculpture of marble

in the well-known workshop by Carusi in Carrara.






The jewellery found at La Medusa  is designed by Paolo Torella

and Lolita Reboredo. Most of the jewellery is either unique or a very

limited editions.


Paolo Torella was born in Rome. He graduated at the roman school for

goldsmiths by master Quattocchi-Caracciolo and worked in his studio for some years. 

Lolita Reboredo was born in Berlin. After 3 years of professional commercial education she worked as

a secretary, office- and event manager and studied later on languages. Since 1984 she has a close relationship to Italy and

moved years ago to Lago di Bolsena, where she started her handcraft and opened La Medusa in 2006.


     (design Paolo Torella)                                                       (design Lolita Reboredo)





Almost every mirror is a unique piece and realized by Lolita Reboredo.

The decoration of the wooden frame is made out of natural materials;

gold, silver and copper pigments are used for the colour.